United We Stand, Divided We Fall

On November 9th, 2016 around 1:16am, I found out that the next POTUS would be Donald Trump. I can’t even try to laugh at the fact, something I had joked the day before would bring such laughter. I didn’t vote for Trump or ever support him. I am a black woman with immigrant parents, I have friends in the LGBTQ community and I don’t believe in tearing down a group of people to try and appeal to another. But I will say this, ever since Trump announced that he was running from President, I laughed. I laughed from that moment all the way to the day of the election. Yes, I mistook Trump as a joke even when he officially became the GOP nominee, I laughed. I joined in on the jokes about moving to Canada. I joked that maybe it is our time to fall because every great nation has fallen. I joked with family that I even voted for him. Because to me it was all a joke, I never took him seriously, but honestly the way that both parties ran their election can you entirely blame me?

I voted for Hillary, I tweeted my #ImWithHer, I showed my support but truthfully I didn’t. The truth is I desperately wanted to root for Hillary, I mean the possibility of having the first female president and being able to say I voted for her would have been remarkable. But just like some people, I don’t trust her. I don’t think she is fit to run the country and I only voted for her for two reasons the first being that I would have never voted for Trump. He is far from the ideal person who should be the next president. I can list off how he is a bigot, a racist, and all the other crappy things about him but I know you have already heard them all. The second reason I voted for Hillary is because she was the Democrat nominee, and I believe in a little bit of loyalty. I know I am not the only one what went to vote the other day and voted for everyone with their party’s endorsement trusting their beliefs were aligned. But we have to start changing that moving forward. We have to start doing more research about who is representing us in D.C.

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