Letting Go

And just like that it was over.
There was nothing left to say or do.
All the love, memories, and moments shared.
It had came to an end and life went on.
Separated by distance and time as Alicia once said.
Except no one was waiting, it was time to let go

Holding on

There it was again.
The fear that it was gone.
It may never come back.
Walk away or apologize.
This maybe have been the first time.
It could also be the last
It might be something to hold on to.
Forever. Or never.
Holding on, fearful she’ll never be in love again.


He wandered with nowhere to go and nowhere to be found.
Slowly finding his way into the shadows.
He had pushed everything and everyone so far away.
Was it not what he wanted, to watch the world from the background?
Never fully living, sharing, nor loving?
He gave up on the world, so it gave up on him.

Brave Face

What’s a brave face?

Put on a brave face, she said

It’s funny how we live in a world

where we are told that our opinions matter, our lives matter, our thoughts matter

How can it matter?

You tell me to me to put on a brave face, so you’re telling me to keep quiet

Put on a brave face, now I can not speak out

What’s a brave face?

Is being brave not to be bold

How shall I be brave?

Shall I put on a brave face like makeup in the morning

What’s a brave face?

Put on a brave face, she said