Women Can Be Happily Single

I am single. I plan on staying single for a while because I’m 21 turning 22 so why the hell not. I feel like this is the time where I get to just be me and I’m not apart of an us or we. I don’t have a problem being single but every time I tell people I get pretty interesting responses. People seem to be so surprised that a girl chooses to be single. I’ve told a friend of mine that I planned on staying single and he replied with a quick but firm “mm hmm” as if I were lying. What reason would I have to lie. This friend of mine is very much single, and so are most of his friends. Yet it seemed to be strange, that me, a girl was also happy being single.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love third wheeling. It’s a nice way to see your friend with their significant other in natural settings and it’s just a nice way to have a fun time with your friend who doesn’t have to worry about splitting time between the important people in their life. With that being said my best friend has occasionally let me tag along with her and her boyfriend.  I never thought much about it, but I guess it caught the eye of her boyfriend’s roommate, who thought it was weird how I seemed to be in content with the situation. One day he asked if I was honestly OK with being the third wheel. I replied “yeah, I love it.” I guess he still didn’t believe me because his next six words were something I was no stranger to, he proceeded to tell me “we need to find you someone.”  All I could think was “didn’t I just tell you I was happy.” I couldn’t understand why everyone was having such a hard time believing that a girl in her twenties could actually be happy being single.

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He wandered with nowhere to go and nowhere to be found.
Slowly finding his way into the shadows.
He had pushed everything and everyone so far away.
Was it not what he wanted, to watch the world from the background?
Never fully living, sharing, nor loving?
He gave up on the world, so it gave up on him.