She sat alone listening to the air

As a smile came across her face

It was different not difficult

 But still recently foreign to her

The smile was still paired with tears

Tears that were no longer sour

For the first time she was not sad that it ended

But gracious for the experience

She had loved in more ways than not

There was nothing left to fear

The future could not hit her with worse

It was a broken heart

It didn’t heal, didn’t crack more

It just continued to beat

As her life went on

For Me

What do you want from me.
My life choices are my own.
I’m not perfect, I make mistakes.
I have spent my life in the safe zone.
Never taking chances.
Never going after what I truly wanted.
Never did what people told me to,
I did what I thought they wanted
so they never had to bother to ask.
You’re upset, disappointed, frustrated.
But I’m living life.
Waking up with things to get excited about.
I’m different, not the same.
No longer who you want me to be .
Finally discovering who I am.


He wandered with nowhere to go and nowhere to be found.
Slowly finding his way into the shadows.
He had pushed everything and everyone so far away.
Was it not what he wanted, to watch the world from the background?
Never fully living, sharing, nor loving?
He gave up on the world, so it gave up on him.


I’m sorry, oh so sorry
I’m sorry for all the times that I didn’t check my feelings at the door
That I came in wanting you, needing you more
I’ve been told that I tend to get too emotionally involved
I guess that’s why I’ve never wanted to leave a problem unresolved

But I am sorry, oh so sorry
That I will never be anything like them
You see, I’m the type to call before 9am
It’s not ’cause I hate you or like to annoy
No rather the opposite, I’ve just never been coy

But truly I am sorry, oh so sorry
That we never liked the same music, movies or shows
But if I’m being honest I wasn’t a fan of your clothes
We liked different things, and that wasn’t a problem to me
But we all know that you wouldn’t likely agree

But really, truly I am sorry, oh so sorry
That for some reason we always liked to argue
Yet strangely I was the only one left feeling blue
So sad that I always went to apologize
even as the tears came rolling down from MY eyes

But really, truly, I am extremely sorry, oh so sorry
That you are the one that I first came to love
Feelings I guess you’d have me dispose of
But of course I had to share how you made me feel
in a relationship that felt so fucking real

But again, really, truly, I am extremely sorry, oh so sorry
that you couldn’t say that four letter word
no matter how many times I said it, you were left undeterred
I guess that’s why we won’t be going back
And yet we never seem to fully hit the road Jack

But again, really, truly, I am extremely sorry, oh so so sorry
That when it comes to you I never know where I stand
That’s why I get uneasy when things don’t go as planned
But I tell you my feelings, that I love and I care
But you reject me, every time and that’s not fair

Oh but again, really, truly, I am extremely sorry, oh so so sorry
That you want me to be so far away
But close enough that’ll I’ll always stay
Right where you need me just as a friend… with some benefits
Everything else about me seems to have no relevance

Oh but I’m sorry, wait, no not so sorry
I won’t apologize for being who I am
if you have a problem with me, its best that you scram
Because I loved and accepted you for who you are
To do the same for me, it’d be outrageous, crazy and just bizarre

I’m only sorry babe, for not being sorry
I guess you’re just going to have to accept this kind of apology

Brave Face

What’s a brave face?

Put on a brave face, she said

It’s funny how we live in a world

where we are told that our opinions matter, our lives matter, our thoughts matter

How can it matter?

You tell me to me to put on a brave face, so you’re telling me to keep quiet

Put on a brave face, now I can not speak out

What’s a brave face?

Is being brave not to be bold

How shall I be brave?

Shall I put on a brave face like makeup in the morning

What’s a brave face?

Put on a brave face, she said