I really don’t like trolls. 

Now I’m not talking about the cute little movie, or the dolls us 90s kids would collect when we were younger. No, I am not talking about actual trolls that live under bridges (yes, I think they’re real, maybe extinct but also a conversation for a different time) I am talking about internet trolls. The ones that hide behind their screens rudly commenting on someone else’s social media feed. 

I have dealt with my fair share of trolls, actually everytime I do it’s because I have made a statement about feminism, politics, or race. It doesn’t happen often but it happens enough to annoy the hell out of me. 

I am a very opinionated person and I will continue to share my opinions, but at the end of the day they’re just that: opinions. So when I do post something on my twitter or share a post from this blog, I am welcoming the conversation to discuss it. That is something that I am open to, yeah it may suck when I get into a little disagreement with a stranger but most of the time I do learn something and hope that they do as well. 

What I will not waste time doing is having a cyber arugument with someone who clearly gets a thrill out of it. Someone who wants to curse at me. Someone who clearly uses hastags to find people to attack (I have about 60 followers on twitter so I know the only reason why you found my tweet is because I used #Feminism). I will not stand by and and watch someone continue to use derogatory terms – you will always get blocked in my book. You don’t even have to be speaking to me personally, I just refuse to see anymore tweets by you. The block button is my favorite. 

To the trolls, I actually feel sorry for you. You have the need to be completely rude and belligerent online because something must be going wrong in your life. You clearly try to tear people down because you’re trying to bring them on your level. And to that I say I’ll put you in my prayers, and wish you the best but I will not reply to your response to my tweets and blog posts. It is okay to disagree with what I say, it is even more okay to discuss it with me but I will not sit there and argue with you. There is a way you need to go about things, and if you eventually get blocked it’s because I personally did not like the way you went about it, plus I don’t need that negativity in my life. And to anyone who disagrees with something I say go ahead and call me out on it — just don’t attack me. 

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Sara Claire

Just a girl who likes to write.

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