Dear Mr. Trump

I dont know what type of President you will be. I don’t even know where you truly stand on important issues or where you get your secretive ISIS information that apparently only goes to you. What I do know is that you have no respect for women and minorities. You are an egoistic bigotry and the sadly you’re not alone. There are some people who voted for you because they couldn’t stand the idea of a woman being president. Some may have voted out of loyalty to the GOP. Some who really just supported Mike Pence in light of the fact that he openly disrepects the LGBTQ community with his beliefs in conversion therapy. Others voted because they truly hated blacks, hispanics, latinos, muslims and immigrants in general. They’re scared and believe you’ve come to protect them from those groups.

And to all those who voted for you I want to say I’m also scared. I have been  confused, angry, and sad. I have been through all the hurt emotions but right not I feel powerful. I highly doubt anything good could come from you and Mike Pence working together ruling the most powerful country in America. And right now I apologize on your behalf for all the mistakes you will make. I didn’t fight hard enough, I didn’t take you seriously. But you have done something. You have brought to light something I have always known. You showed people that there are a lot of people in America who truly feel hatred for other  groups of people. You showed us that now more than ever we do have a reason for Black Lives Matter and Feminism. And honestly I am not sure what movement our Muslims sisters and brothers have but I will find out and I will stand with them, this is my promise to you. I will stand stongly by the LGBTQs and Latinos.

Mr. Donald Trump, what I am trying to say is you will not break me. You will not break America. If anything you have already made us stronger. You’ve told us that we need to get more educated. we have the world at our fingers and we intend to take hold of it. So my congratualtions to you Donald, not for being the president-elect but for rather going down in history for lighting the fire inside of us all that I knew was there all along.


SC Gaspard, A Lady in America

Published by

Sara Claire

Just a girl who likes to write.

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